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PVD subtle films metal coverings: Pysical Vapour Deposition
The PVD process consists of the deposition of a film on a surface by means of evaporation and consequent condensation on it of the material used to create the layer (both in reactive and non reactive atmosphere).

PVD technology can be divided into three main categories, which differ from each other in the method they use to vaporize the material the sublayer and PVD evaporation, PVD with a ionic covering and PVD sputtering are covered with.

In order to realize PVD coverings, CM Group uses the PVD sputtering process, where a high energy bundle of ions bombs the material to be deposited (called target), thus provoking the detachment of atoms and molecules that place themselves on the sublayer, covering it.

The particles generated through sputtering arrive on the sublayer with higher energies than those obtained with evaporation methods and this favors a better quality of the deposit.


The PVD sputtering covering can be realized using a wide range of materials and sublayers, going from titanium nitride, zirconium, chromium, (TiN, ZrN or CrN), to carbon nitride of Titanium, Zirconium and Chromium (TiCN, ZrCN e CrCN), choosing, as you can see, among a wide range of colors (…follows the carousel with the pictures of colors and their names. I will send you the sample pictures later on, I’ll take them from the brochure metallic sampling).

Advantages of the PVD Technique
The main advantages of the PVD technique are:

▪ production of beads with very high characteristics in terms of:

- hardness (up to 2500-3400 HV) and wear resistance;

- low friction coefficient;

- chemical balance and corrosion resistance;

- heat balance and barrier to diffusion phenomena;

- thick beads (almost no porosity)

▪ check of covering microstructure;

▪ high covering uniformity even on elements with a complex geometry and very strict tolerances;

▪ minimum covering thickness (0,5-2 μm);

▪ the production of beads with long lasting color brilliance;

▪ extremely linear process.

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